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With over twenty years in the laser/electro-optical technologies, Photonic Services provides a viable alternative for the owner/user of medical laser equipment. You now have an option other than having to rely on running the gauntlet of contacting your manufacturer (If they are still in business!), dealing w/ possible weeks of downtime and exorbitant charges for time and materials.

We provide service and preventive maintenance to the most popular gas and solid-state medical lasers produced in the last two decades. With quick response and competitive prices we are available worldwide to quickly get your laser equipment up and running and, most importantly, producing revenue for your practice.

Contact us via the service request form for a service quote.


Through a broad worldwide network of manufacturers and equipment dealers we provide search and acquisition services for your specific medical needs.

Through the service request form tell us what you looking for. We will quickly get back to you with availability.


If you have recently purchased a medical laser through a dealer who does not provide training, we can fill that very important void. Proper in-service, especially with medical lasers, in tantamount to success in the laser medical field. You and your staff need to be properly informed if you are to achieve excellent results for you and your patients. Tell us what equipment you have and we will do the rest!


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